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We offer a system that promotes safe and natural weight loss that is based on healthy eating.

Losing Weight: What to do first

Hello! My name is Tyler Anne and I’m currently participating in the Bouari program and will be blogging about it here! I hope my blogs will help you along your journey of trying to live and be healthier!

Enjoy this post!

Losing weight can be really easy for some people. Staying skinny can also be really easy for others. However, there are those people (like me) that have to actually work to keep off the weight and then lose it.

It can seem like an impossible task and at times giving up seems like the best possible option. Since I moved to a different city after college, I gained 10 pesky pounds. I can almost hear some of you saying that ten pounds isn’t a big deal but I’m 5’1″. When I gain weight I notice it immediately and it doesn’t always sit right with me. Losing the ten pounds wasn’t all I wanted to do anyways. I wanted to start eating and living healthier but I was lost.

Until I met Paris Arey at Bouari Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama. (Facebook here until micro site is up!) We sat down, talked about what I wanted and then how to go about it. I then sat down with one of their amazing staff members and was given a talk about maximizing the weight loss experience.

Let it be known: The program is not complicated in the least, you just have to really want it and have the will power to stick to it.

What happened before I actually started the diet:

I was given a booklet of foods I could and could not eat, as well as information on the diet and Bouari products. Note: I was very surprised to see tons of foods that I could eat that I loved. Chicken breast, (some but not all) seafood, some of my favorite veggies and fruits.

BUT I was told I couldn’t eat my chocolate (of which I’m addicted to) nor drink my soft drinks. These are my achilles heels and I will blog how I (hopefully) can overcome it!

Then I was given three Bouari products to take daily that would help with cravings, keep me healthy and help give me energy.

The staff lets you know up front that they are there for you and will help in any way they can. Their genuine support makes the daunting task of losing weight a lot easier. They are really there to help you become healthy and happy. They don’t judge you or tease you and their support is outstanding.

You just have to think about your life and health and if you are willing to change for the better. I’ve met a few of his clients at the clinic and they always express their gratitude for Bouari and the staff.

I will be blogging about my experience through my process through the program here! Day 1 & 2 will be the next post!

Just remember, no matter how much weight you want to lose this program is right for you. In the end all we have is our health, so why not try to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Call Bouari

(256) 585-6627

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400 Whitesport Dr SW, Suite 101
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Start living a healthier life today!


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